Victoria’s Secret Needs to Hire a New Retoucher


“Hello Bombshell!” My, what large shoulders you have..

You would think that with the amount of attention the rest of the world places on the Victoria’s Secret model’s bodies, their retouchers would do the same. Obviously not, as yet another model has been rendered deformed by the liquify tool.

Candice Swanepoel has been under scrutiny lately for appearing too skinny at recent appearances. Rumors have even been circling that the the Victoria’s Secret model could lose her coveted contract with the brand for not complying with the brand’s “voluptuous” body criteria.

I guess it makes sense now.. Whenever I’m looking a little too thin, I like to virtually add 10 pounds to my deltoids too.

Check out some more Victoria’s Secret Photoshop fails..

Left: The waist to hip ratio is a little off.. Right: Her thighs scare me.

Because polos just look better on amputees.

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