Top 20 traits of a Supermodel


So what makes a supermodel just that, a “supermodel”?  We have asked our users to take a poll, and the results are in.  Here is our list of “Top 20 Traits of a SuperModel”:

1.  Tall – catwalk models are tall.  Designers don’t design clothing for short runway models.

2. Slim – This is a highly debated issue in America these days, with models being way to slim at times.

3.  Exotic – Some of the most successful supermodels have very exotic looks.

4.  Long Legs – Long legs make all outfits look better, particularly in the summer!

5.  Jet Set – the Jet Set life style, or at least what it appears to be.

6.  Intense Eyes – number 1 in my list, eyes can make all the difference in print.

7.  They know how to pose – They are a model after all, posing should come naturally.

8.  Sexy – Sex sells.  Advertising 101.

9.  High cheekbones – Have to be born with this – not much you can do about it.  Some have it, some don’t.

10.  Self confident – you don’t see supermodels shying away from the lights, camera, action!

11.  Love for Fashion – you have to love what you do, Passion for Fashion!

12.  Hot – Do you drive the boys crazy?  Like being sexy, being hot sells.

13.  Salesperson – You have to sell yourself, all the time.  And the products and companies you represent.

14.  The Smile – A great smile can overcome a lot of other things on this list.

15.  Personable – People need to be able to connect with you.

16.  Vesatile – must look great in different styles, outfits.

17.  Strong Walk – We all know what the model walk looks like.  Confident, sexy, aggressive.

18.  Photogenic – If the camera can’t capture your great  looks, modeling isn’t for you!

19.  Clear Skin – must have clear skin.

20.  Beautiful – basically sums up the entire list.

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  • bmimages

    I disagree with a couple of these points. Posing does not always come naturally. Models learn how to pose and practice. Photogenic is meaningless. Millions of people are photogenic. The trick is can you convey a certain look or attitude or emotion to the camera.