Shoe of the Week: Louis Vuitton


Last week, we had a double feature of Alexander McQueen’s artistic creations in Shoe of the Week.  I was tempted to choose another off-the-wall unrealistic style for this week because that is my inclination as I get bored quite easy with simple things, but then I came across these.


These shoes are by definition quite simple, but there is nothing boring about them. I am in no way a Louis Vuitton fan by any stretch of the imagination, I mean, I don’t understand the obsession with overpriced bags with initials on them, but these LV Platform wedges might sway me in the other direction.

These are not ordinary wedges, besides from being tagged with LV’s initials, the wedge is separated at the back and has a slight stiletto heel that is hardly noticeable. There are a lot of little details on this shoe, like the slit back and the stylish lip on the toe.  The detailing is just gorgeous and just as simple as possible and it really makes them one of a kind.

There are actually quite a few different versions of the Louis Vuitton wedge, as this is not a brand new style from the label. There are some multi-toned and colorful, but I prefer the classic solid and slick tones that make your feet feel like celebrities (or so I would imagine.) They are in by no means “cheap” but you can find pairs for under $1000, which let’s face it, is a steal for the ever popular LV.






Like their overrated and overdone bags, (apologize to anyone still carrying one of these around, but let’s move on) you are certain to find knockoffs so be careful if you are trying to pick up a genuine pair online. I would hate for you to spend a bundle and receive some “Louise Vuettons” in the mail.


‘Til next Week Shoeistas! If you have any recommendations, email me your favorite picks!

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