Kate Moss Considers Opening Modeling School


Kate Moss has certainly been busy this year, doubling her earnings, getting married and being named to Vogue’s best dressed list of 2010. So how does Kate plan to top all this? She’s thinking about starting a modeling school. Not right away of course, but when she retires.

Kate recently talked to Company magazine saying it was something she was considering. “I think I could open a modeling school. In Britain’s Next Top Model they put the contestants through the torture of what modeling can be like. And it honestly can be humiliating.”

She also said she was very short and completely lopsided, not perfect like those gorgeous Brazilians, but if you learn how to work it, then that’s it.

So now that you’re all eager to get in line and sign up for Kate Moss’s Modeling Academy, you’re probably wondering when she’s going to retire. Well we don’t know that but since you’ll be learning from the best, it could certainly be worth the wait!

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