The House of Dior Suspends Galliano


When you think of John Galliano you think of style, class and fashion never inebriated, misdemeanor or offensive. Well this past weekend, the designer for Dior was arrested in Paris after being drunk in public. It was said that the French police were called after Galliano was said to be verbally insulting nearby people, resulting in quite a bit of a ruckus.

He had been drinking that night in the chic neighborhood of Marais in Paris before the cops detained him for questioning at their station where he also failed a sobriety test. Charges were not filed for whatever reason, but the couple involved in the dispute intended on pressing charges stating Galliano made anti-semantic slurs at their expense. Galliano’s lawyers deny any account of Galliano actually making said insults and the incident could not be proven.

It was stated the altercation was most likely caused by anxiety due to the upcoming, highly anticipated, Paris Fall Fashion Week, by one of the policemen. There is no doubt John Galliano is under a lot of pressure before Fashion Week, being that Dior is a global leader in the fashion world. That kind of stress could drive even the best to drink, but this definitely got out of hand.

Even without the police charges, The House of Dior made its own statement,

“Pending the outcome of the enquiry, Christian Dior has suspended John Galliano from all duties,” said Dior.

“The House of Dior declares with the greatest firmness its policy of zero tolerance with regard to any anti-Semitic or racist statement or attitude,” Sidney Toledano also said in a statement.

Hopefully this mess will get squared away before Dior’s show this season. Either way we will see what affect this situation will have on Monday when Fashion Week kicks off.

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