10 Fabulous Hats to Inspire Your Easter Fashion


There are two days in the year when you can get away with wearing an insanely fabulous hat; opening day at the Kentucky Derby and Easter Sunday. While these hats may be a little much, let them inspire your Easter outfits!






Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady.  Favorite.Scene.Ever.


John Galliano S/S 2006


Dior S/S Couture 2010.

What would you do if this woman walked into Easter Brunch!?


Cupid’s Millinery Melbourne


Chanel S/S Couture 2009


Cupid’s Millinery Melbourne


Dior S/S Couture 2010


Arturo Rios S/S 2011


Everyone is freaking out about Kate Middleton lately. She does wear great hats though.


This is more of literal version of the Easter “hat” but it’s still amazing.

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